This blog is all about communicating effectively with your general contractor—before he or she starts work.

Pros And Cons Of Ornamental Roof Ridges

15 July 2019
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When you're choosing how your new roof will look, you have the option of keeping it understated or going for a little pizzazz. If the latter idea appeals to you, speak to your local roofing professional about ornamental roof ridges. These devices affix to the ridges of your roof and add visual appeal. They come in many shapes, and your roofer will install them at the end of the job. Here are some pros and cons of ornamental roof ridges that you'll want to consider. Read More …

The Real Reason You Need New Siding: Avoiding Unwanted Housemates

23 April 2019
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Siding protects the exterior of your house from rot and environmental influences that could damage the structure. Whether you deal with intense heat, large hail, or another problem, the siding acts as a first line of defense. As tough as siding can be, however, it will eventually reach the point where it needs to be torn out and new siding installed. Chief among the reasons for installing new siding is the need to avoid unwanted pests that like to live between the siding and the wall of the house. Read More …

4 Foundation Maintenance Tasks That Help Protect Your Home From Damage

11 March 2019
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The foundation of your home is something that you want to protect to prevent damage and costly repairs. Improvements, like installing drainage systems or using pier jacking to correct settling, can help fix and prevent problems. There is also maintenance that needs to be done, such as cleaning drainage lines, inspecting waterproofing, and maintaining mechanical equipment like sump pumps. Here are some of the foundation maintenance tasks that help prevent damage to your home's foundation. Read More …

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