How To Patch And Texture Drywall

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How To Patch And Texture Drywall

14 October 2015
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Many home builders will sell new houses with the basement unfinished. This is because different homeowners have different ways of using their basement. If you want to make your basement comfortable and converting it into livable rooms, the first thing you should do is finish the walls. In most cases, the basement will have drywall installed, but the screw holes and taped seams will not be patched or textured. This article will explain the things you need to prepare the drywall before you paint it.

Using Drywall Mud

For spreading the drywall mud, you need a hawk and trowel. A drywall hawk is just a large flat aluminum plate with a handle on the underside. It basically serves as a holding tray for your mud. You fill the hawk up with mud and then use the trowel to spread the mud onto the wall. So, in one hand you have the hawk, and in the other you will have the trowel.

The mud is easy to work with because it does not dry too quickly. You want to cover all of the seams between the drywall boards. Most likely, the seams will already be taped. You want to make sure the mud covers the tape texture, so it is invisible. The small screws holes are easier to fill and cover. Of course, try to spread the mud as thinly as possible, while still covering everything.

Hand Trowel Texture

If you want a hand troweled texture, you will use the same tools to apply it. The beauty of hand troweling is that there is no right or wrong way to do it. You can get creative and try a repeating pattern. However, it usually looks better when the textures is just random.

Spray Texturing

Many people prefer the look of spray textures. These textures are easier to apply, but they do require an extra step. First, you need to wait for all the mud to dry. Then, using texture spray cans, you simply spray it on. The spray texture goes in thinly so it does not take too long.

Once your wall is textured, it will basically be ready for priming and painting. This is another great project that you can do on your own time. Have fun with your basement when it comes the texture and paint job. You can make it functional yet fun at the same time.

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