How to Design the Lighting in Your Kitchen

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How to Design the Lighting in Your Kitchen

3 November 2015
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Whether you realize it or not, lighting plays a huge role in your everyday life. Light can darken or brighten a color, a face, a room, even accentuate beautiful works of art. Home lighting often goes unnoticed until you enter a home with proper, beautiful lighting. So before you decide to post a selfie stirring spaghetti, it's best to take a quick look at a few tips on how to take your kitchen from dull to beautiful.

Recessed lighting - Sometimes referred to as "can lights", recessed lighting consists of lights that are recessed into the kitchen ceiling. They not only look sleek, they can go anywhere and, when placed around the perimeter of the room, can help you avoid shadows around islands and cabinets. Perfect for when you're trying to read a recipe or measuring cup. Be practical in your placement; if the hood over your stove has a light, you probably don't need another right there.

Under the cabinet lighting - Not too long ago, lighting under kitchen cabinets was considered a luxury reserved for only high-end homes. Now, it's become a must-have in a new kitchen or a remodel. LED is the popular choice and especially strips of LED lights under the cabinet. Be sure to place them in the front section of the cabinet for optimum lighting of the countertops. Strips are also hidden from view, another attractive aspect. Even better, set them on a dimmer and control the brightness.

Pendant lighting - This references the lights that are hung from the ceiling with a cord and they are most often seen over an island or sink. They are often very stylish and can range from ornate to simple and colorful. You'll want to keep the pendants high enough so you can look across them without obstruction and stay within the theme of your kitchen style. Use one with a shade for task lighting, such as over the sink.

Kitchens are the heart of the family home. You make your meals there, you talk there, you sneak in there, you fight in there, and yes, you take selfies in there. Lighting is vital to the feel and enjoyment of the room. It is part of the functionality of the room, and placing the lights in the wrong areas will cause shadows and keep you from using certain countertops. Find a lighting scheme that fits your style and watch your kitchen totally transform. If you need help putting in new lights, or are looking for a remodel, consider contact local remodeling specialists, such as Qualtire Plumbing & Construction.

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