Three Questions About Vinyl Siding Addressed

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Three Questions About Vinyl Siding Addressed

26 May 2016
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Making the decision to install vinyl siding on your home's exterior can be a rewarding investment to make in your home. However, it can be fairly common for some homeowners to be uninformed about siding, and this can make it exceedingly difficult to make an informed choice about whether this is a good upgrade for your house. If you are struggling to decide whether or not siding is right for your house, considering the answers to the following few questions may help you to make a more informed choice for your home.

Will Siding Have An Impact On Your Home's Energy Efficiency?

Some homeowners may be under the impression that siding is only a cosmetic upgrade to their homes. While it is true that siding can be a low-maintenance way of improving your home's appearance, it may also be possible for you to enjoy increases in energy efficiency. This is possible by opting for insulated siding. This siding has a thin layer of insulation on the interior, which can help to stop convective heating and drafts from compromising your home's interior comfort. While this type of siding may be more expensive than standard siding, the heating and cooling savings you can enjoy from this upgrade may offset this higher initial cost.

How Do You Wash Siding?

One of the great advantages of having siding on your home is that it is extremely easy to maintain. Typically, you will only need to wash the siding once or twice a year to keep it looking great. When washing the siding, you can use a pressure washer to remove any dirt, dust, moss or mildews that have accumulated on the exterior of your house. For those that do not own a pressure washer or are hesitant about getting on a ladder to pressure wash the siding, it is possible to hire a professional siding contractor to perform this work for you.

What If You Want To Change The Color Of Your Home's Siding?

Many people invest in siding so that they will not have to paint their homes again. However, if you have had siding installed many years ago or purchased a home with it, you may want to change the color of your house. Luckily, it is possible to paint siding. To do this, you will need to buy vinyl paint that is formulated for use on siding. Failure to use the correct paint can cause it to prematurely peel away from the exterior of your house. While this paint can effectively change the color of your siding, a new coat of paint will need to be applied every few years.

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