Pros And Cons Of Ornamental Roof Ridges

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Pros And Cons Of Ornamental Roof Ridges

15 July 2019
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When you're choosing how your new roof will look, you have the option of keeping it understated or going for a little pizzazz. If the latter idea appeals to you, speak to your local roofing professional about ornamental roof ridges. These devices affix to the ridges of your roof and add visual appeal. They come in many shapes, and your roofer will install them at the end of the job. Here are some pros and cons of ornamental roof ridges that you'll want to consider.

Pro: A Bird Deterrent

Beyond adding to the visual quality of your roof, ornamental roof ridges have a useful application when it comes to wildlife in your neighborhood. Because many of these devices are slightly pointed, they can serve as an effective bird deterrent. Even though you might not view neighborhood birds as a major pest, you don't want them congregating on your roof. In addition to them going to the bathroom on the roof, on your driveway, and even on your vehicles, they may build nests in your roof vents. Roof ridges can make your roof inhospitable to birds.

Con: Potential For Looking Dated

You might love the look of the ornamental roof ridges that you're thinking about having installed right now, but one potentially issue for these fixtures is that they can look a little dated over time. It's common to have a tile roof when you install ornamental roof ridges, and tile roofs last a long time. It's important to assess how your ornamental roof ridges might look in 10, 20, or more years. It's possible that they might appear outdated because of changing residential trends.

Pro: An Expensive Look

Ornamental roof ridges are not necessary, so anyone who adds them is doing so to make his or her house look fancier. There's little doubt that the addition of these fixtures can make your home appear more expensive. If you're someone who enjoys visual upgrades inside and outside of your home, ornamental roof ridges may be in alignment with your goal of making your home appear more expensive.

Con: An Added Expense

The addition of ornamental roof ridges might make your home appear more expensive, but they also present an additional expense. Because they're made of durable materials, ornamental roof ridges can be pricey. If you have a large home, you may be looking at a considerable financial investment to have your roofing professional add roof ridges to your residence.

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