Yard Landscaping Tips to Improve Your Yard

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Yard Landscaping Tips to Improve Your Yard

22 July 2020
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When you are planning to improve your yard with new landscaping of lawn, trees, shrubs, and mulch, it will boost the value of your home and make the property look much improved. But to make big improvements to your yard you need to order materials in bulk and make sure you have enough to cover the areas of improvement. Here are some tips to help you as you plan to landscaping and improve your property and yard.

Prepare Landscape Site

To prepare your yard for landscaping, you need to grade the soil, smoothing it level and removing weed growth, large rocks, and debris that may be left behind from the construction of your home or other properties nearby. With a new yard you may also need to add in some topsoil to improve the soil condition and to make sure your landscaping vegetation grows successfully. To do so, order some topsoil from a local landscape supplier. The existing soil may contain a large amount of clay or rocks and not be the best quality for growing vegetation. A local landscaping materials supply company should be able to deliver the amount of topsoil that you need right to your property, whether it is one yard or several yards of soil. If you arrange its delivery by a local contractor, they can also distribute the topsoil around your yard and smooth it level with a bobcat or skid steer, ready for your landscaping to go in.

Arrange for Sod Installation

After you have prepared your yard with a layer of good topsoil for optimal vegetation growth, you can order sod for your property. Calculate your sod needs based on the square footage of your yard and where you want to grow your lawn. You will be able to order sod from a local sod supply company or through your landscaper, who can deliver it to your home. Be ready for the sod delivery date so you can install it the same day. If you let the sod sit in the sun on its pallets, it is at risk of dying. If you plan to water the pallets of sod, this is not recommended either, as the sod will begin to grow together and die off in spots. 

Install Landscape Mulch

Mulch is a good option to cover over your bedding soil to boost the condition and appearance of the soil. Mulch covering the soil will hold in moisture and improve the nutrients of the soil along with providing a weed control strategy. Your local landscape supply can provide you with a load of rich mulch for your landscape finishing needs. This is a better option than buying multiple bags from a local retailer.

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