Questions to Troubleshoot Your Roof Problems

This blog is all about communicating effectively with your general contractor—before he or she starts work.

Questions to Troubleshoot Your Roof Problems

24 November 2020
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Roofing repair is an issue many homeowners do not want to pay much attention to. In fact, it can be troublesome for many people to understand the importance of taking care of a home's roof. If you want to take care of your roof, the solution begins with understanding the problem in the first place.

These are some of the common issues you might be able to spot with your roof. This will help you determine if it is time to call a roofing repair contractor.

Is the Flashing Damaged?

Flashing is supposed to protect the creases and corners of your home. For instance, flashing is used to protect the area around a skylight or a vent pipe. Loose or cracked flashing may allow moisture inside the area, leading to leaks. The flashing might need to be replaced.

Is There a Hole in the Roof?

Holes in the roof are a common cause for concern. Nearby branches scraping the roof, animals nesting, and storms can all contribute to holes in the roof. Professionals may need to examine the hole and see if it may lead to other structural issues or water damage and then replace part of the roof itself.

Are There Shingles Missing?

Damaged or missing shingles can cause a lot of serious issues. This happens for a number of reasons, including bad weather, missing granules, animals that nest in your attic, and water that pools on your roof. It may be time to toss the old shingles and replace them with brand new ones.

Are Shingles Curling?

Shingles curling may appear like a strange occurrence, but it is actually more common than you think. Curling often indicates another serious issue, like lack of ventilation or improper installation. Not only do the shingles need to be replaced, but you also need to address the underlying issues.

Are the Gutters Safe?

Gutters actually cause a lot of roofing problems. For instance, you might notice that your gutters are frequently clogged or have holes in them. This can lead to water pooling, ice dams, and even water damage to the foundation of your home. Gutter replacement may be the next step.

Contact a Roofing Repair Professional Today

As soon as you notice something wrong with your roof, you should call a roofing repair professional. He or she can help you determine what you should do next to take care of your roof and ensure your home is protected.

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