Getting Help For Minor Maintenance Issues With A Commercial Handyman Service

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Getting Help For Minor Maintenance Issues With A Commercial Handyman Service

30 December 2020
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The maintenance of a commercial property can be a problem when you need help with minor issues. Therefore, you may need to find the right services to help with the minor maintenance and repairs that your property needs. The following commercial handyman services can help with the maintenance and repairs that need to be done:

Repairing Damaged Windows and Doors

Your business's doors and windows are areas where you may need to have repairs done. The issues with doors are often minor things like adjusting a door, so it shuts properly and can be locked. There may also be issues with damaged glass or window frames that you need to have fixed. You may also want to make minor improvements to the windows and doors in your business. Improvements can include adding film to glass for efficiency or updating the hardware installed on doors for security.

Repairing Damage to Commercial Flooring

The commercial flooring in your business is meant to be durable, but it can also be vulnerable to damage. This is often due to daily workloads and damage from equipment like pallet racks. The flooring repairs that a handyman service will be able to help you with include:

  • Tears in flooring due to equipment
  • Replacing damaged transition strips where materials change
  • Repairing damaged mechanical access covers in flooring
  • Restoring and polishing floors that have started to look worn

Often, minor repairs are needed to prevent issues with torn flooring from getting worse and spreading. These problems will only take a few minutes for a handyman to repair.

Minor Mechanical System Maintenance

The mechanical systems in your business need to be serviced regularly. This maintenance will ensure that all your mechanical systems are working properly and efficiently. The mechanical maintenance that your business needs include:

  • Changing HVAC filters
  • Cleaning mechanical equipment
  • Repairing electrical outlets and wiring
  • Changing light bulbs and updating light fixtures

These tasks are often things that service contracts don't cover or that contractors don't want to deal with. Therefore, it is often better to hire a handyman service to ensure your mechanical systems are well-maintained.

Help with Changes to Shelving and Buildout Installations

Over time, you may want to make minor changes to the interior of your business, but you may not want to invest in a complete remodel and buildout of your business. Therefore, you will want to hire help for minor changes to shelving and existing buildout features. When you move the shelving, you may need to add flooring and do other minor repairs where you make these changes. The handyman service can work with you to plan changes that your business needs to have done.

The maintenance of the commercial property is often minor issues that a handyman service can handle. Contact a commercial handyman service for help with these maintenance and repair tasks that you need to have done.

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