Is Your Home Cosmetically Challenged? How Siding Replacement Can Help

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Is Your Home Cosmetically Challenged? How Siding Replacement Can Help

23 April 2021
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Homes do not always age well. Past damage and the cumulative effects caused by years of weather exposure can leave any home looking tired and less attractive than it once was.

Even well-managed repair and renovation projects can also contribute to this type of cosmetic issue, especially if it was not possible to fully match the replacement building materials to the original ones. Homeowners who want to help their home look its very best may find that siding replacement can offer the results they want as well as offer some important additional benefits. 

Creates a fresh, new look

The most notable benefit of installing new siding on the entire exterior of the home is to restore the surface continuity. This is particularly effective in instances where a home addition or major repair project has resulted in a noticeably different appearance on one or more portions of the home. Installing new siding creates a new look that can instantly improve the home's appearance and curb appeal. 

Provides a more cost-effective approach

When a home is afflicted with severe wear or damage to exterior surfaces, the cost to remove and replace those surfaces can be very high. For example, homes with damaged masonry or clapboard exteriors would require many hours of intensive labor to remove and then reinstall replacement materials. 

A more cost-effective approach is to use modern siding products — such as vinyl or metal — to cover over the original, damaged exterior. High-quality siding products can often be installed directly over existing exterior surfaces, making the entire project cost much more affordable. 

As a bonus, installing new siding over existing siding can also increase insulation value for the home. In addition to potentially reducing HVAC bills, homeowners may find that their home seems more comfortable during extreme cold or hot weather. Homeowners who live in high traffic areas may also find that the interior of their home feels quieter and more peaceful after the new siding project is completed. 

Eliminates most maintenance

Another reason for homeowners to consider installing new siding on their homes is to eliminate much of the need for future exterior maintenance. When siding products, such as vinyl or metal are used, there is no further need for periodic painting to keep the exterior looking fresh and attractive. If a section of the new product should become damaged, it can be easily patched or removed and replaced at an affordable cost. 

To learn more about how new siding can positively impact your home and family, discuss your situation with a reputable residential siding contractor in your area. They can provide more information regarding siding replacement.

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