3 Reasons To Install Hickory Hardwood Flooring

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3 Reasons To Install Hickory Hardwood Flooring

15 June 2022
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If you've decided to install hardwood flooring in your home, then make sure to add hickory to your shortlist. This wood has some cosmetic and practical benefits over other hardwoods. Why should you consider installing hickory floors?

1. Create a Designer Look

While some people like their floors to look uniform and subtle, other people like to use this space to make more of a design statement. If you want your floors to stand out and look unusual, then hickory is a natural choice.

This wood has a distinctive look; no two parts are exactly the same. Its light tones are complemented by a variety of individual grains in stronger and more striking colors. This multi-colored effect creates an upmarket designer look. The wood will lighten any room and enhance its décor.

Plus, you often use wider hickory planks on a floor. Wider planks prevent the fluctuations in the wood from looking too overpowering. So, as well as an unusual wood design, wider planks can also make your flooring look more distinctive.

If you can't find the perfect hickory tone for your home, then you can easily finish the wood with a matching stain. Hickory takes treatments well. You can keep the underlying beauty of the wood but change its hue, shade, or tone if you want.

2. Get a Hard-Wearing Wood

Hickory is one of the strongest hardwoods. It can take a lot of damage. If you have kids or pets, then this wood can take the extra stress without losing its good looks. This wood has good impact resistance. It works well in even high-traffic areas such as hallways, kitchens, and living rooms.

If you install stronger floors, then they last longer. You'll have fewer repairs or maintenance work. As long as you take basic care of your flooring, it will last for years and still look good.

Even if a hickory floor gets a little damage on its surface, this damage might not be as obvious. Variable grain patterns can conceal minor damage. More uniform woods can't do this. Damage tends to be much more obvious and harder to hide.

3. Get Better Water Resistance

No hardwoods are completely resistant to water. Humid and moist environments can affect these woods and make them less stable. However, different hardwoods deal with these conditions in different ways.

Hickory handles humidity, moisture, and water better than other hardwoods. While you probably shouldn't install it on bathroom floors, it can deal with minor water problems in other rooms much more effectively.

To see some examples of hickory floors and to learn more about their benefits, talk to your hardwood flooring supplier.

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