A Look At How Artificial Turf Installation Is Done

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A Look At How Artificial Turf Installation Is Done

19 July 2022
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If you need to cover a spot in your yard where grass won't grow, or you're tired of mowing grass all the time, consider having artificial turf installed. The artificial grass stays green all the time, so you don't have to worry about droughts or mowing.

Installing the turf is similar to installing sod in that it takes a lot of work. To get the best results with no wrinkles or drainage problems, hire an artificial turf installation service. Here's a quick look at how the turf is installed. 

Clear The Grass And Topsoil Away

You might get by with installing the turf over old grass, but you might have problems as the years go by. There could be drainage problems that lead to mold or uneven areas in the yard. The best results come from properly preparing a dirt base for the artificial turf.

Preparing the base is a matter of removing the old grass with a sod cutter and then getting rid of loose soil on top of the compacted dirt. An artificial turf installation service can do both of these jobs with machinery so the work goes fairly fast. In addition to getting rid of grass and soil, you might need to cap or pull out sprinkler lines.

Add Crushed Rock And Sand

The contractor will probably install crushed rock and sand on top of the weed barrier to enhance drainage. Proper drainage is essential for preventing puddles in the yard, which allows the turf to dry out after it rains so it won't mold.

Install The Grass

The installation crew may lay out the artificial turf in another area of your yard so it can be cut to the proper size to cover your yard where you want it. Artificial turf is delivered on large rolls like carpet, so it can be difficult to work with. Cutting out smaller pieces at a time makes the job easier and cuts down on waste.

The sides of each sheet of artificial turf need to be seamed together so it looks like your yard is one continuous sheet of grass. Once that's done, the outside edges are secured with large staples the contractor pushes into the ground to hold the grass in place.

It might take a few days to complete all of the work required for artificial turf installation, but it all depends on the size of your yard. The installers take their time to do a good job so the grass doesn't have any wrinkles or other indications the grass isn't real.

Contact a local artificial turf installation service to learn more. 

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