Communicating With Your General Contractor

This blog is all about communicating effectively with your general contractor—before he or she starts work.

3 Tips to Prevent Trips, Slips and Falls on Your Driveway

10 October 2016
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You probably do not want you, your kids or your guests to have an accident and to trip or slip and fall in your driveway, but you could be unsure of how to prevent these accidents. However, there are actually a few steps that you can take to help prevent accidents from occurring. Give these tips a try to make your driveway a little bit safer. 1. Have Imperfections Repaired Read More …

Pros And Cons Of Metal Roofing

5 October 2016
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Although asphalt shingles still dominate residential areas in the United States, appearing almost anywhere you look, there's also been an upsurge of interest in metal roofing because of its inherent benefits such as recycled content, reflectivity, and so on. Here are some pros and cons of metal roofing that you should consider if you're planning to replace your roof soon and are thinking about using a material other than shingles. Read More …

Upgrading The Master Bathroom In Your Vacation Rental? 3 Things To Add For Maximum Appeal

29 August 2016
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Whether it is a couple or a family looking for a place to stay while going on vacation, you want to provide the people who are booking your rental home with features that are extremely appealing to them. A cleverly decorated bedroom for their kids to stay in might be a nice bonus, but they will likely prioritize features like a lovely kitchen for cooking, a front porch, a sunroom, or a luxurious master bathroom. Read More …

Three Questions About Vinyl Siding Addressed

26 May 2016
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Making the decision to install vinyl siding on your home's exterior can be a rewarding investment to make in your home. However, it can be fairly common for some homeowners to be uninformed about siding, and this can make it exceedingly difficult to make an informed choice about whether this is a good upgrade for your house. If you are struggling to decide whether or not siding is right for your house, considering the answers to the following few questions may help you to make a more informed choice for your home. Read More …

2 Reasons To Consider A Log Cabin

10 February 2016
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Log cabins are an extremely popular type of home that is suitable for a large number of uses, such as a primary home, remote retreat, or luxurious vacation home. In addition, log cabins can also offer a wide range of benefits that some of the more traditional home designs simply cannot match. Listed below are two reasons to consider building a log cabin. Kit Availability One of the more interesting benefits provided by log cabin construction is that there are a large number of kits available that can allow you to quickly build the home yourself or with the help of a contractor. Read More …

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Communicating With Your General Contractor

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