Communicating With Your General Contractor

This blog is all about communicating effectively with your general contractor—before he or she starts work.

Questions to Troubleshoot Your Roof Problems

24 November 2020
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Roofing repair is an issue many homeowners do not want to pay much attention to. In fact, it can be troublesome for many people to understand the importance of taking care of a home's roof. If you want to take care of your roof, the solution begins with understanding the problem in the first place. These are some of the common issues you might be able to spot with your roof. Read More …

Why Is Your Toilet Running And What Can You Do About It

24 August 2020
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Your toilet is going to run for a few seconds after you've flushed, but then it should turn off. If your toilet is running long after you flush, it's an issue that can be costly if you don't repair it. If your toilet runs longer than it should only here and there, it's also an issue that needs to be repaired or you could end up with a hefty water bill. Read More …

Yard Landscaping Tips to Improve Your Yard

22 July 2020
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When you are planning to improve your yard with new landscaping of lawn, trees, shrubs, and mulch, it will boost the value of your home and make the property look much improved. But to make big improvements to your yard you need to order materials in bulk and make sure you have enough to cover the areas of improvement. Here are some tips to help you as you plan to landscaping and improve your property and yard. Read More …

Building A Custom Home? 3 Reasons To Have Your Contractor Upgrade The Insulation Levels

30 June 2020
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If you're in the process of building a custom home, you may be looking for ways to cut some costs. If you've decided to reduce the amount of insulation in your new home, rethink that decision. There are things you can do to reduce the costs of your new home, but cutting back on the insulation shouldn't be one of them. In fact, you should be talking to your custom home builder about upgrading the insulation. Read More …

Have You Just Purchased A Home That Lacks Gutters? 3 Problems You May Soon Face

24 March 2020
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The installation of gutters is not always included in the standard design for residential housing, In fact, the lack of gutters may not be a serious problem for homeowners living in arid climates where annual rainfall amounts are very low. In most other areas of the nation, however, the lack of gutters can be more problematic. If you have just purchased a home without gutters, this information can help you understand their importance and why having gutters installed may be wise for your situation. Read More …

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Communicating With Your General Contractor

Nothing is more frustrating than deciding on a construction project, only to be bombarded by a long list of problems during the construction phase. Unfortunately, if you work with the wrong person, you might become pretty familiar with issues. About five years ago, I hired one of my neighbors to renovate my bathroom. Although the mere idea sounds ridiculous now, at the time it seemed like a natural solution to a real problem. Unfortunately, as soon as he got started, I knew that he didn't know what he was doing. This blog is all about communicating effectively with your general contractor—before he or she starts work.