Communicating With Your General Contractor

This blog is all about communicating effectively with your general contractor—before he or she starts work.

How To Patch And Texture Drywall

14 October 2015
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Many home builders will sell new houses with the basement unfinished. This is because different homeowners have different ways of using their basement. If you want to make your basement comfortable and converting it into livable rooms, the first thing you should do is finish the walls. In most cases, the basement will have drywall installed, but the screw holes and taped seams will not be patched or textured. This article will explain the things you need to prepare the drywall before you paint it. Read More …

Tips To Lowering Utility Costs Over The Summer

9 October 2015
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Managing a business requires making sure you keep your costs at a minimum and increase your profits. One of the costs that you will incur, and one that can get away from you quickly, is the utility bill. There are several factors that go into your utility bill, but your air conditioner will be one of the main ones during the summer. Here are a few tips in reducing your overall utility costs in the summer. Read More …

Use Home Additions To Create A Game Room For The Whole Family

10 July 2015
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Remodeling your home with the help of professionals can be an exciting endeavor, partly due to the value it can add to your home and also because of the ability to make your home feel more customized. Whether you enjoy spending time at home with family or you love throwing parties with friends and neighbors, adding a game room can be a fantastic idea. To make sure that the addition best fits your home and gives you the finished look and function you want, consider the following tips. Read More …

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Communicating With Your General Contractor

Nothing is more frustrating than deciding on a construction project, only to be bombarded by a long list of problems during the construction phase. Unfortunately, if you work with the wrong person, you might become pretty familiar with issues. About five years ago, I hired one of my neighbors to renovate my bathroom. Although the mere idea sounds ridiculous now, at the time it seemed like a natural solution to a real problem. Unfortunately, as soon as he got started, I knew that he didn't know what he was doing. This blog is all about communicating effectively with your general contractor—before he or she starts work.