This blog is all about communicating effectively with your general contractor—before he or she starts work.

3 Reasons To Install Hickory Hardwood Flooring

15 June 2022
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If you've decided to install hardwood flooring in your home, then make sure to add hickory to your shortlist. This wood has some cosmetic and practical benefits over other hardwoods. Why should you consider installing hickory floors? 1. Create a Designer Look While some people like their floors to look uniform and subtle, other people like to use this space to make more of a design statement. If you want your floors to stand out and look unusual, then hickory is a natural choice. Read More …

The Installation Of A Rock Patio

6 May 2022
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Rocks are made up of stone and mineral matter. Flagstone, travertine, and granite are a few patio rock varieties. Your contractor will clear a spot for your new patio, install forms or stakes, and supply the rock types you prefer.  The Rock Types Natural rocks may contain various shades and textures that will provide a patio with veining and visual depth. Some rock products may contain a mix of natural and synthetic components. Read More …

Warning Signs That You Need To Replace Your Commercial Plumbing

30 March 2022
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When commercial plumbing needs to be replaced, it is important to have all of the information on hand. A professional can help determine when it is time to replace your commercial plumbing, but there are some early red flags that can help you make that decision on your own. For example, your water usage is increasing or your sink is draining slowly. These are both signs that your pipes need to be inspected and possibly replaced. Read More …

4 Benefits Of Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services

24 February 2022
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Businesses, industries, offices, and shops are full of various types of equipment. Sometimes people can be careless with their workstations or simply not care to keep them clean. Many business owners are now hiring commercial cleaning services to maintain the cleanliness in their office space. Hiring a commercial cleaning service has certain advantages for your company, business, factory, or office. Here are four benefits of hiring commercial cleaning services. 1. Increase Productivity Read More …

Is Installing An Ultraviolet Whole-House Water Filtration System Worthwhile If You’re Connected To City Water?

27 January 2022
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Keeping your water free from illness-causing bacteria, parasites, and viruses helps protect your health. If your home is connected to city water, you most likely don't have to think about pathogens in the water very much — the city's water treatment plant has the important job of making sure it's safe to drink. However, it still may be a good idea to install an ultraviolet whole-house water filtration system in your home in order to give you an extra layer of protection. Read More …

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